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  1. B jaworsky

    Hello – i’ve downloaded and use the boxes and arrows app. Very simple but it has bugs:
    I’m using ipad, current ios at time of post.

    I’m doing a large graph and I am zooming in and out. After hiding the keyboard, the cursor (my finger) does not match the position on the screen. Sometimes there is a grey band on the top (10% of the screen) and the shift between my finger and what it does on the screen is about the same.

    This means i start tapping the screen somewhere for example linking a box from left to right, but being a click outside anything it takes it as a create a new box.

    So far only by stopping the app and reloading it I’ve managed to go around this issue but it means I’m doing this all the time.
    Maybe a „refresh graphics“ is needed.

    Finally, my graph is large but I cannot capture a large phot of it. When I zoom out, the text is too small. Can you add a capture that encompass the whole graph and save it as an image?



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